Tomáš Enge enters the world of virtual motorsport with his own team

  • Tomáš Enge SIM Racing Team a new entity in the field of motorsport e-sports

  • Three young riders with high ambitions thanks to strong partners

  • Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP a priority this year, bold plans for the near and distant future

Tomáš Enge, the most famous Czech car racer, opens a new chapter in his career in motorsport. The first and so far only Czech F1 driver and a successful participant in many other prestigious races not only on circuits has founded an e-sports team, with which he will enter simracing racing this year. For this purpose, he has teamed up with the Czech company ALL4SIM, which has more than 15 years of experience in virtual racing and organizing professional e-sports tournaments. By sharing the know-how of respected entities in the field of real and virtual motorsport, an ambitious project is being created that wants to rank among the best simracing teams on the Czech and international scene. „Virtual and real motorsport have a lot in common. Only the best can win, and that’s where our ambitions lie. That’s why, in our inaugural season, we have already reached for drivers whose approach and track record live up to our expectations,“ says Tomáš Enge, owner and managing director of the Tomáš Enge SIM Racing team.


The Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2023 kicks off on 14 March with a race at the Mount Panorama circuit in Bathurst, Australia. Lukáš Přáda and Adam Pilo will start the race with Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo cars in team colours.


For this season, the team has recruited athletes who have already achieved unmissable success. The leader of the line-up will be 24-year-old Lukáš Přáda, who belongs to the elite of Czech virtual racing. Last year, he was the overall winner of the Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP series, and the year before he won the vice-championship. He also has a number of international awards to his credit. Two years younger, Slovak talent Adam Pilo is one of the rising stars of Czech-Slovak e-sport. As a rookie in the starting field, he dominated the qualifying for the Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP 2023, where he will make his season debut. The 20-year-old Jan Hujíček, who has always finished in the top ten of the global eSports WRC championship for the last two years, will focus on rally events. The involvement of top drivers in the team’s first season has been made possible by the support of strong partners including Bony Academy, Coinfy and many others. This too is testament to the seriousness and credibility that the new project has enjoyed from the start.


Tomáš Enge himself is involved in simracing, for example he recently took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual race. In addition to his role as team boss, he will also act as a driver coach.


Tento výběr do značné míry předurčuje program týmu Tomáš Enge SIM Racing v roce 2023. Hlavním polem působnosti se stává prestižní česko-slovenský šampionát na platformě iracing Mercedes-Benz Virtual GP. Ve spolupráci se značkou Mercedes-Benz a díky živým přenosům na O2 TV Sport nasadil vysokou laťku v pořádání kvalitních a divácky atraktivních závodů s využitím nejmodernějších technologií. Dvanáctidílný seriál je stejně jako loni rozdělený na 2 poloviny, přičemž první absolvují jezdci s vozy Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo a druhou s monoposty Dallara F3 Mercedes. Oficiální doprovodnou sérii k mistrovství světa v rally čekají velké změny a ani sami účastníci zatím nemají mnoho informací. Podle předpokladů by se mělo začít v květnu na úplně nové platformě. Výhledově tým Tomáš Enge SIM Racing počítá s účastí v nejprestižnějších e-sportových seriálech světa, jako je například Le Mans Virtual Series. “One of the long-term goals of our team is to get the Czech simracer into the official F1 virtual championship. This means going through the qualification network, which is attended by more than half a million players from all over the world,” Tomáš Enge outlines his vision for the future.

Tomáš Enge SIM Racing team together – from left Tomáš Enge (owner and managing director), Jan Hujíček (rally driver), Lukáš Přáda (circuit driver), Adam Pilo (circuit driver) and Martin Viďourek (sports and technical manager).